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error in site_html_print_cat

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error in site_html_print_cat
There is an error in the code generated in sub site_html_print_cat - the font tags are incorrectly placed. The corrected code is:

$output .= qq|<tr><td>\n<dl><dt><font face="Verdana, Helevtica, Arial" size="2"><strong><a href="$url">$category_name</a></strong> <small class="numlinks">($numlinks)</small> |;
$output .= qq|<small><font color="red">new</font></small>| if (&days_old($mod) < $db_new_cutoff);
$output .= qq|</font></dt>\n|;
$output .= qq|<dd><font face="Verdana, Helevtica, Arial" size="2"><span class="descript">$description </span></font></dd>| if (!($description =~ /^[\s\n]*$/));
$output .= qq|</dl>\n</td></tr>\n|;

I also added a couple of \n's to break the lines generated.