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Script is not a regular file???

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Script is not a regular file???
I'm really a novice at all of this and I paid someone to install links 2.0 for me. I modified my templates (sort of) and now some of the pages don't work.

Add a resource, modify a resource, e-mail updates and random link all say the following when you click on them:

Execution of (links) is not permitted for the following reason: Script is not a regular file

My stuff is located at http://eaglesfans.hispeed.com/links/

Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?

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Re: [ivyrain] Script is not a regular file??? In reply to
That's the strangest implementation of a 404 I've ever seen! You have edited your templates by changing the file names of the scripts to .pl, but you never actually changed the file names on your server. To test this theory, try to go to search.cgi and notice that it works. then try accessing "anything.cgi" and you'll reciever the error your posted here.

Links 2.0 moderator
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Re: [King Junko II] Script is not a regular file??? In reply to
King Junko--

Thanks! I don't know what I did, but from what you just said, I see how to fix it. What speedy service this place gives! Thanks!