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Links Missing from Database **HELP**

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Links Missing from Database **HELP**
I had about 350 links in my database this morning. I went to validate the new links (10 of them) and then after I built, I went to the home page and noticed that I had 219.

I looked at the links.db backup for today and then looked at the current links.db and found that the first 100 or so links were GONE!

I tried to upload the backup and because of permissions, was unable.

Can someone please help me? How do I restore the links.db?

Thanks in advance.......
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Re: Links Missing from Database **HELP** In reply to
How did you restore the backup file?

Make sure that you saved the backup file as links.db (also make sure that you keep a local copy on your personal computer) and then upload the file to your directory where you have the links.db.

Then change the permission of the file to 666 rw-rw-rw-.

That is quite odd that 100 links were deleted from your database.

Do you have your Links Manager Console password protected? If not, then someone may have deleted the records.

Also, refer to your links.log file that will show activity in the Links Manager Console.

Hope this helps.


Eliot Lee
Founder and Editor
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Coconino Community College
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Re: Links Missing from Database **HELP** In reply to
I experienced the same problem and I don't know what it is, but I took Eliot's advice + did a little logical thinking on my own and here's what I do.

1. I validate the links.
2. I check the links.db to make sure they are there.
3. I download it to my computer
4. Then I do the build all :-)

I also do this for the category.db and url.db

where I am not sure how it happened, I feel it's better to be safe than real sorry and so I download to my computer the above files before I "build all."

Whether it's redundant or not, It works for me.

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Re: [Eliot] Links Missing from Database **HELP** In reply to
Crazy Ok, everything was working fine, this last month, everytime I run built it vanishes about 100 links out of the links.db though the detail pages are there.

I stated to do staggard to bulild and seems to have some links now show up in the directory but not in the admin area.

I have changed nothing any where, only MOD's i have on in (ALL)1 but don't use it and priority. I have everthing password protect. and my server gardian showa that no one has has entered in any admin area.

Any ideas how I can get the detail pages of the missing jump id to get back in to the links.db ?

I am planning to purchase LSQL but I am not sure now if it would do a good inport from this links.db or should I say missing data ID base. When I get the LSQL I will use the detail page = not sure if that info will help, in generating ideas?

not sure what to do, any help, ideas would be appreciated

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