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Long, long category names

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Long, long category names
Subcategories are created by typing into category field something like this: Category/SubCategory/SubSubCategory/SubSubSubCategory/. The nasty problem is that if each of these Sub/.../Subs consists of 3-5 words, this is more that the text field allows to insert and far less than a Category dropdown menu will show later, cutting the most impotant part off. Is it just a matter of finding out a place in Perl code junge where the size of these fields are determined? It would be helpful, if someone tells me where SmileOr are there more serious real-world limitations concerning that issue? Thanks in advance and sorry if I didn't notice an appropriate thread Smile
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All you have to due is increase the maxlength value for the Category Name field in the category.def file. I think it is defaulted to 150 or 300 or some number like that. Increase that to 750 or 1000.


Eliot Lee
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