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Category Problem

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Category Problem
I've created some categories in admin.cgi but they don't appear in my index page, my add page, and all others.

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Uh...you need to follow the INSTALLATION instructions in the README file! Let me guess, you didn't READ it...Wink

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6. Give it a test! Go to: http://yourserver.com/cgi-bin/links/admin/admin.cgi or wherever
you setup admin.cgi, and you should see the admin screen. Try (in this order):
1. Add a category.
2. Add a link in that category.
3. Build pages.
4. Search for the one link, using the new pages created.
5. Add a link from the new pages created.
6. Validate a link from admin.

You've only completed sub-step #1. Next time, READ the README files.


Eliot Lee Wink