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CGI error...

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CGI error...
First, when I click on: Staggered, it says that:

Error Message : Unable to copy links backup. Reason: Permission denied
Script Location : /data1/hypermart.net/axalon/cgi-bin/links/admin/nph-build.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00404

and also, when I click on a link, it says: Error: Can't find link id: 5

Is it related? Can anyone help me please.

Thank you.
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Re: CGI error... In reply to
The errors are not related.

To correct the backup problem, chmod 777 your backup directory.

To correct the link problem, you will need to check link 5 and the link just before it to see if something is wrong with them that would cause that error. If you get it on all your links, something is wrong in your database. If you are using Links 2.0 and upgraded from Links v1, did you run the upgrade.pl script in your data directory?