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500 Error When Viewing Pages

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500 Error When Viewing Pages
I'm going mad! I've searched this forum, but can find no answers.

I've just moved servers to 1and1

I have managed to get to sites up and running sweet as a nut using links2

Now I'm reinstalling the third. Everything is ok. I build all. No problem.

When I try to view the built pages i get a

error 500: Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

Very weird, anyone come across this problem before, anyone have any suggestions.

Thabnks in advance

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Re: [robh] 500 Error When Viewing Pages In reply to
If you've installed two already on 1and1 servers then it's not going to be a script problem.

Speak to 1and1 support. It's possible that there are restrictions on that server that aren't on the others or permissions haven't been set right by the server administrators.
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Re: [robh] 500 Error When Viewing Pages In reply to

A couple of things to check;

1) Make sure your pages are outside of the cgi-bin. Anything inside this folder, is treated as a script, which HTML pages obviously are not <G>
2) Make sure that you don't have CHMOD 777 setup on your pages folder. 775 should be enough (or even 755). Some server's cause 500 IS Errors when you set it to a high CHMOD (its a SuEXEC thing, AFAIK).

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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