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500 error no matter what

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500 error no matter what
No matter what i do at http://www.weblinkdir.com/link/cgi-bin/admin/admin.cgi i get a 500 error. Ive set every persission to the right number. all the paths are right, im allowed to have cgi and perl is 5.1+. Ive done it all and i get get that ***** ****** 500 error to go away. what are some rare things that cause 500 errors besides telling me something about permissions that i already know. This exact script works on every server i use but this crap one. Its host rocket if that means anything. The perl path is also right.
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Re: [webrare] 500 error no matter what In reply to
Noticed that your URL has another directory called "links" before the CGI-BIN directory. From this it looks like you've actually installed it in the web pages directory ( sometimes called www, httpdocs, etc.) and some servers don't like this.

Instead of:


try creating the link directory within the CGI-BIN:


and reset your paths.
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Re: [MJB] 500 error no matter what In reply to
Just checked and that's definitely what you've done. I can read ALL YOUR SCRIPTS simply by going into each folder and selecting one of them:



Create a directory in http://www.weblinkdir.com/cgi-bin/ and start over.

Another tip is to place a blank .html file in your additional web directories called index.html ( obviously, not in your main directory ). If anyone tries to access these folders it will just show and empty page rather than listing everything that's in there. ;)

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