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"New" "Cool" and "Ratings" do not work!!!!!

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"New" "Cool" and "Ratings" do not work!!!!!
Every time i press "Staggered (Auto)" in my Admin panel and the system is going to Step 4 i get this Error:

Error Message : fatal error: Can't find unicode character property definition via main->a or a.pl at unicode/Is/a.pl line 0

Script Location : e:\webs\netstuff.dk\wwwroot\cgi-bin\links\admin\nph-build.cgi
Perl Version : 5.006

I dont know why i get this error but i dont understand it because there is no file on my server there is called "a.pl or "a"
I have added categories and links and everybody is very finde but "New" "Cool" and "Ratings" dosent work because that error is happening then the computer is going to build these pages.

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Re: "New" "Cool" and "Ratings" do not work!!!!! In reply to
I answered your other duplicate Topics in the Modification and Installation Forums.


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Re: "New" "Cool" and "Ratings" do not work!!!!! In reply to
Year i know but it still dosen't work so please help me again!