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password and username for modifying?

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password and username for modifying?
I was wondering if it would be possible to give people (or let them choose) a username and password when they add their links, and when they want to modify their link, they have to login by entering their username and password.
Also, I noticed a site that says "Bookmark It" under every link, and then lists the bookmarked sites on another page.
Could you please give me the codes for those. I realize I've been a pain in the butt the last few days asking all these questions, but I'd really appreciate it.
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Have you even checked out the Resource Center, which is linked at the top of every forum home page?

There is a Password Modify Mod in the Modification section of LINKS in the Resource Center.

That Bookmark option is actually called the MY Links Mod and codes are provided in this forum....S E A R C H I T!!!


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* Check Resource Center
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