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compose HTML Mode launches windows installer?

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compose HTML Mode launches windows installer?
I am using your online demo of gossamer mail, in compose message when I click on "HTML Mode" Windows installer is launched and asks for my Front Page 2000 CD, do you know what is causing that? I cancelled the install because this is so wierd for a web site to launch my windows installer. I can repeat this each time I click on "HTML Mode".

I am using WinXP SP1, I have Front Page 2000 installed, but this is strange.

I am considering purchasing, thanks for any help.


Michael J. Challis - CRUZN8R - PT Cruiser Club - http://www.ptcruiserclub.org

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Re: [CRUZN8R] compose HTML Mode launches windows installer? In reply to

This is a bug in Internet Explorer. We are revamping the HTML control contained in the forum to support inline images, and once we do that, we will replace the HTML editor that comes with Gossamer Mail with the new one.

For more information on this bug, and workarounds, see:



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