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glitch in valdiation?

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glitch in valdiation?
I just had one of my testers do this... I have validation codes turned on and require an email address to send it to. They are signing up for an email like myname@domain.com and when they put in their regular email address as myname@domain.com (to send the code to), they never get the validation code because it's sent to the system or bounced... It needs to reject those.
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Re: [JerryP] glitch in valdiation? In reply to

Good point. We'll modify the code so it rejects any emails which are in the list of domains Gossamer Mail supports.


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Re: [Alex] glitch in valdiation? In reply to
That would be cool. If I could make a suggestion on that, how about a user option for reject only for the current domain they are signing up for or alternatively reject it for all domains that are set up in the GM installation. There might be some folks that have email running on crossover sites where someone happens to use a webmail account at one domain and signs up with that on another...