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Setting default character set

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Setting default character set

We installed Gmail and use it translated in spanish. Due to special characters such as accents we need to set the default character set to ISO-8859-1 (currently default is set to us-ascii), how this could be done globally? I mean for all templates and users?

I've been taking a look at prefs.cfg but I've not seen anything to change.

Thanks a lot for your help,

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Re: [narcis] Setting default character set In reply to
For outgoing mail, you'll need to update the prefs.cfg. The easiest way to do this (if you haven't made any changes to the default ones), is to copy one to the common template directory if it doesn't already exist. Then remove prefs.cfg from all the other template directories.
Then edit prefs.cfg and add in the $foo->{compose}->{charset} = 'whatever'. That means changing:
'compose' => {
'charset' => 'your character set',

This unfortunately will only affect new users, since current users will already have their prefs.cfg created.

As for the templates, you'll have to add the appropriate headers to the required pages. Sorry, but I can't recall the HTML required to do this.