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Outgoing Mail Problem

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Outgoing Mail Problem
I have been using gossamer mail 3.01 for many years with essentially no issues. We are using this internally for our company with only a handful of users, so the server load is very low. About 2 days ago our outgoing mail essentially stopped working. Either the mail does not get sent-out at all, or there is a very long delay before sending (12+ hours for example). We are using qmail as our mail server. We have not changed any configuration of either qmail or gossamer mail.

I am at a loss as to what could be causing this problem so any suggestions as to where to start looking would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: [system9] Outgoing Mail Problem In reply to
Usually outgoing mail issues aren't an issue with Gossamer Mail, but with your mail server (in your case qmail). I would check qmail's logs to see if something wrong is happening. If there isn't anything there, check your web server error logs when sending e-mail from Gossamer Mail to see if anything is output there.

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Re: [brewt] Outgoing Mail Problem In reply to
Thanks for the reply. This is what I got back from our hosting tech support, who suspected a perl vulnerability might have been the culprit:

"The characteristics that led me to believe this yesterday were several perl processes that were running which weren't your typical perl process calling /admin/batch/pop3.pl These rogue Perl processes were calling / referencing a file in /tmp on the server which was owned by the apache user.

Once we killed the perl processes, killed the file, and flushed the queue of any email with "HotPfizer" in the from name, the spam did not return nor did the rogue perl processes, leading us to believe this was a perl injection, fitting the characteristics we have seen for another client who has a weak perl script."