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Feature Request

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Feature Request

Few Features Req for the next version:
  • Trash Empty: Many users tend to close the interface and not hit the logout. So Trash Folder keeps on growing in content. So if it would be possible (and correct technically) to have the trash emptied even with session_expire would ensure that the Trash Folder does not keep on growing in content if a user "habitually" exits account by closing the browser and not hitting the "Logout".
  • Unread Messages List: A Link (which only appears in case there are unread messages) to take to "Unread Messages List Only" in a given folder. If this could be possible by Template Modifications, then please guide with necessary instructions. This would basically help in going thru a list of "Unread Messages Only" in a given folder and help in reducing navigation steps while going thru the Unread Messages if the list grows very large and has a mix of Read and Unread Messages.
  • Message Flagging: Ability to mark a Message as "Important". This would basically mean that the user when Empties a Folder is not able to delete this Message from the folder unless it has been unflagged as Unimportant. Also, if this Message has a Reply and Associated thread, even that should not be deleted when the "Sent Folder" is being Emptied. This would again help is mail Box management from user end.



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