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Auto Reply -- Feature request

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Auto Reply -- Feature request

Auto reply as seen from a GM account to GM account does only have the emailaddress displayed in the msgs_list_include.htm Has this been corrected in 2.2 so that Auto Reply From GM to Gm account has the "Name" instead of emailaddress displayed in From column of msgs_list_include.htm because no GM account can be created without a "Name"

Also would following be possible as a feature in 2.2 Final Release?

Auto Reply with Folder Level Enabling (instead Of Global Level):

With Filters set for moving messages to specific folders it would be a great feature to have AR enabled at Folder Level. This would basically have the choice in hands of the user to decide which incoming mails should get an Auto Reply and which should not (depending upon the folders to whcih the mails are being filtered to). Currently enabling Auto Reply sends it for just about any mail which lands in. This greatly restricts the use of AR feature as many users would be subscribers to mailing lists which block accounts with AR enabled.

Just a feature request if it could find it's way in 2.2 final release.


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