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Auto Enable after user purge, etc?

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Auto Enable after user purge, etc?
Is there a way to have the system automatically Enable it's self after a 'user purge' or consistancy check, etc. ?

I usually run a user purge around 2 am or so when I head to bed for the night on friday or saturday night. But I have to wait until it's done so that I can re-Enable the site for access.

Also, it would be great to be able to cron a user purge.



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Re: [gtjr] Auto Enable after user purge, etc? In reply to

We have a cron purge script that can be run safely while the site is being used. This will be released in 2.1.0 which should be out in two to three weeks.

Currently you would need to edit the code to re-enable the email after a purge.


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