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[BUG 2.0.2 POP]

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[BUG 2.0.2 POP]
Upgraded from 2.0.0 > 2.0.2 no with intall or operation problems-
Until we did check mail and retrieved POP's....
Then every operation from the user account generated the following error;
> A fatal error has occured:
Can't locate object method "update" via
package "GMail::Folders" (perhaps you forgot to load "GMail::Folders"?) at /opt2/ewebhelp/httpd/cgi-bin/Email/user/webmail.cgi line 96.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

I tried a re-install... again, no problems.. everything worked until a check mail for pop mail....

We did a third install from the begining. (from scratch)
Again, install shows everything ok....
System works fine for incoming and outgoing emails... deletes, setting options etc... Until you check for a pop then same error....

I am at a loss???? At this point. I need to drop back to 2.0.0 and not offer the pop feature,, unless someone has an easy answer to this problem.....

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