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domains not in aplhabetical order

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domains not in aplhabetical order
Hi Guys,

How can i make the domains in gosssamer not in alphabetical order? I want it to be like the first domain that i input will be the default in the domain options in the login.
cause if i input yourdomain.com and mydomain.com ofcourse mydomain.com will be the default cause "m" is first in the alphabetical order but i wanted yourdomain.com to be the default.


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Re: domains not in aplhabetical order In reply to

You can hard code the html for the options list in the template. It will look something like:
<select name="domain">
<option<%if domain eq 'domain1'%> selected<%endif%>>domain1</option>
<option<%if domain eq 'domain2'%> selected<%endif%>>domain2</option>
<option<%if domain eq 'domain3'%> selected<%endif%>>domain3</option>