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payment methods other than paypal are suggested?

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payment methods other than paypal are suggested?
I comes from Nigeria, and I wonder how to accept payment from Nigeria's user? I am not able to pay links here, as paypal is not allowed in Nigeria, what's worse, the paper check process is too long and not always reliable. Is there some possible payment method like Bitcoins or Litecoins available here? No fees and instantly move to our wallets! Or direct deposit to a bank would be wonderful and i don't like there being a "middle man" in the transaction. On the other hand, is there possible payment method which is totally free? As far as i can see almost all the payment processors like payza, paypal, payoneer, webmoney take highest fee during the trasaction. I try to look around and seek answers on google, epay global payment captures my attention since it claims that it's free to pay and get paid via their website www.epay.com or their app--epay wallet. I never heard of it before and don't know whether it is trustworthy.Any feedback from epay here?
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Re: [sylvially] payment methods other than paypal are suggested? In reply to

Is this about Gossamer Links? (you put it in the Gossamer LIST forum Whistle)

I'm afraid there is no BitCoin / LiteCoin option as far as I know. It could be worth email support [@] gt.net, to see if they have a custom module that allows for that payment gateway (I'm sure they must have coded it for someone before Angelic)

Hope that helps


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