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import.pl without telnet?

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import.pl without telnet?
I have just installed links SQL 1.1.3 succesfully. However, I ran into a when I found out that you require telnet to use import.pl. My hosting service does not allow telnet access. Is there anyway of getting around this?


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Re: import.pl without telnet? In reply to
Not really.

The import.pl does a matching between the links and categories, so you need to run it.

If this is your initial install, GT may have a solution, such as the ability to import the database, and dump it, so you can use MySQLMan and do a database import.

But without telnet, it's very hard to do some things.

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Re: import.pl without telnet? In reply to
With the help of Mel from GossamerThreads, I managed to import all my links into SQL flawlessly. Here's how to do it:

1. Rename Import.pl to a Import.cgi.
2. with all of the use ....; statements, add:
use CGI;
3. after the use statements, add the lines:
my $in=new CGI;
print $in->header();

And that's it!

One more thing to double check, make sure the path to perl is the first line in the script. If it is not there, (usually it doesn't need to be because you would perl it from shell) add the line:
or whatever your path to perl is.

The errors from the import will be printed on the screen.

The import should be done from an empty database with just the tables created.


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Re: import.pl without telnet? In reply to
Just as a comment.
Import.pl does work from your browser, i have tried it several times.
You should have a small database (less than 5000 links).
You will recieve a 500 error on the browers but your links and categories will be imported correctly.