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Server Logging & MySQL stats

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Server Logging & MySQL stats
This is a bit off topic, but then again, not really.

There is an Apache module to do logging to MySQL directly. Has anyone used this?

The more I go over my sites, the biggest problem I have is the log files are a pain in the *** to manage, analyze and get anything useful out of. In the "old days" when a server getting 100,000 hits a month was a big deal, the logs were somewhat useful. Now, the only log I really use is the Error.log (mostly when I'm making code changes). The access.log is only accessed when I want to bolster my ego about the stuff I'm doing meaning something.

In reality, the stats I need all come through Links SQL, and 90%+ of my server hits go through that system. All my page hits go through jump.cgi (even the static pages) and the only pages that don't are my home page and the what's new/cool/rating pages.

I'm thinking.... I can turn off server logging, except error logging, and pull all the stats through MySQL. Right??? <G>


Don't hear anyone....


But, if you think about it. A dynamically generated site can record each hit/page/jump/action directly to the database. Either adding a new record, or incrementing a counter.

Granted, the logs sometimes show some interesting things -- such as off-site links, especially for images, but I'm willing to give that up if I can get real-time stats on what legitimate users of the site are doing.

Has anyone done this?

It would mean some modification to the basic code, perhaps an <img> tag on some pages that are not cgi-generated to increment a count (the way hit-counts work), but I've been thinking about this more and more as I try to tie in the site performance and page-views to the banner program.

If the program did do logging to mysql, then when rates were displayed, or you were trying to generate a rate sheet, you'd have real-time stats.

Any thoughts on this are very welcome.

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