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search bugs -help please

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search bugs -help please
For example I have a link
which name "free",it has description "free"

When Im trying to search "free"
But is said: no links found!


P.S. I check on 1.11 and 1.13 links sql versions -not working.

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Re: search bugs -help please In reply to
You need to first set weight values for your fields (Description, Title, etc.) via the editor.cgi (Table Maintenance script) in the Links table. Then you need to re-index your Links and Category tables.

This has been discussed before quite a few times in this forum.


Eliot Lee

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Re: search bugs -help please In reply to
Please don't take this the wrong way, Alex, Antro, Pugdog or any of the other people that know all about Links sql, but......

It seems to me that some serious documentation would be in order. When we purchased links sql, about a week or so ago, it cost us $450.00, which is more than we have ever spent on a set of cgi scripts at one go in our entire life on the internet. Well, we were quite suprised to find that there was *no* documentation in the compressed file. Yes it does has a setup file named readme.txt but no documentaion on the workings and how to properly operate Links sql.

I think that some serious documentation on what all features and functions do and an elaborate how to guide is definately in order. It would seriously cut down on the amount of "how do I" questions as well as questions written by the poster above.

It seems that when someone new, myself included comes along and asks a question of about how to do something or "this doesn't work" or "that doesn't work" then either someone is gratious enough to tell them how to make it work, or they are told to search the forums. While the forums are a fantastic place for help, and I sincerely appreciate eveyones time that takes the time to help everyone else out, it's definately not a substitute for well written documentation. Even smaller purchases that we have made as low as $29.95 have come with some serious documentation explaining full setup and use.

For example, I know links nonsql, and knew how to make sub categories, so I could do it, though If I had no idea, I'd have to ask someone here, and be told, search the forums. I still have no idea what connecting categories does or how to properly do it or why I would want to do it. I suppose I could search the forums, and go through 150 pages that have absolutely nothing to do with what I want, or ask it, and have some kind soul take the time to tell me, though again it's no substitution for proper documentation.

Please consider writting a complete documentation set for links sql, it's a very large, powerfull and wonderfully written set of scripts, and has a hefty price tag that really should include proper docs.

Again, this is my observation, and I don't mean to offend anyone that works for gossamer or the people that offer such great support in these forums.


"I've got if's pretty good, but that's about it"
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Re: search bugs -help please In reply to
Open your linkssql administration

Go to Table Maintainence at the bottom left.

Then go to links - when this opens.
Go down to the tables - in the far right hand column,
Put a 1 where you want the strongest search from, Usually Title.
Put a 2 where you want the next strongest search from, Usually Description.
Put a 3 where you want the next strongest search from etc. etc. etc.

Be sure to put a check in the left hand column in the ones you want to change.

Then Click Update Changes at the bottom.

Then Build All
Then Re-index

Hope this helps You'll love this when you get use to it.

Phil the FOG
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Re: search bugs -help please In reply to

a higher value of weight gives more relevance for search.

0 = don't index at all.
1 = lowest weight
10 = highest weight.

Good balance : Title = 3; Description=2; URL =1
If you want perfect results, and edit your Links manually, consider using a new field called Keywords where you insert relevant keywords divided by spaces. Weight this field with 5.

Always re-index your database after changing weights.

For a better understanding:

You have following Link
Title:LinksSQL needs a manual.
Description:Missing manual? A product like LinksSQL worth 450$ should ship with a nice, easy to read and understandable manual...

and you set following weights: Title=3; Description=2; URL=1
now you re-index. It does following: (for all words but we only look at the keyword "manual")

1. Title: keyword "manual" found 1x; weight of Title =3 result 3 (1x3)
2. Description: keyword "manual" found 2x; weight of Description=2; result = 4 (2x2)
3. URL: keyword "manual" found 0x; weight of URL=1; result =0 (0x1)
Now the seach index Table gets a new entry for the keyword "manual" for this Link with the value of 7 ( 3 + 4 + 0).

If someone now searches for "manual" with search.cgi (Not with search-ni.cgi) he will get this Link as searchresult with the relevance of 7, together with other Links containing this keyword, ordered by relevance.

regards, Alexander

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Re: search bugs -help please In reply to
Thanks Alexander

I have to work today in the real world, it's a money thing.

Then I will get into this.

So I had it backwards!!!!!!!???????

I have been beating my brains trying to get my Category Columns to both be the same width, basically 250 wide each.
Or just the same width.

Hope John_R comes back and solves his problem.

Phil the FOG