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Cetaegory delete - admin bug?

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Cetaegory delete - admin bug?
We've been working with Links SQL for about a week now. Very, very happy with it overall. Did the install ourselves with no problems and now busily working on modes for our application.

I have run across one annoying admin "feature" though... the admin interface happily allows you to delete populated categories, but leaves the links in the database just dangling in space. There doesn't seem to be any way to track these dangling links down short of some laborious poking aorund with SQL.

So I guess this is a wishlist item... when deleting a category, shouldn't it either complain of there or existing links in that category, or preferably prompt for what you want to with the existing links (delete, move to another category, drop into validation, etc?).

Other that that we're so far thrilled with Links SQL.
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You should be able to fix up the dangling links by clicking on Check Category in the admin. From there you can delete the links if you want.

I'll look at adding a feature to warn, or an option to delete the links in the admin.