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Links SQL vs. In-Links

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Links SQL vs. In-Links
Hi guys, I know the answers to my questions probably may be found if I dig a bit deeper but as of now I'm stripped of time, I apologize for that.

So basically I would just want to hear your arguments why we should chose your system over In-Link(it's down to the two of you).

Here are some points of importance:

1.We need something highly customizable, it must be able to deal with php-templates. Ie. If I open a session in the header the script must be able to deal with that.

2. All "standard" options must be easy to turn on and off without having to resort to hard-coding.

3. Are the language files separated from the code by default?

I'm sure I'll be back with more questions later on but those are the important ones I'm thinking of now.

Thankful for any further info on this.
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Re: [cjswe] Links SQL vs. In-Links In reply to

Thanks for your post. We do not like to get drawn into direct comparisons against other programs, unlike Coke and Pepsi which seem to enjoy bashing each other. I'd rather answer your requirements one at a time.

- Links SQL's pages can be built with .php as the extension rather than .html if you wish, as long as you have code in the template to recognise the cookie, the pages that Links SQL builds should function as a normal PHP page should.

- All standard options are set by Yes/No in the admin panel.

- Yes, all language is completely separate from the code, hence the numerous sites using Links SQL in languages other than English: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...inks-sql/clients.htm

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Re: [cjswe] Links SQL vs. In-Links In reply to
Hi. I personally hate In-Link, ever since it came out it has caused me/my clients problems. My advice would be to stand well clear,and keep to a much better supported bit of software (like Links SQL Tongue)

I know Jack has already answered your post, but I thought I would just go into a bit more detail....and also provide a 3rd party opinion.

1) You can use page.php ... all tags can be used as if it was a basic PHP page. For example, in the template, you could use;

<? if ($USER) { echo "User: $USER"; } else { echo "Not logged in,...."; } ?>

2) Most features such as detailed pages, etc can be turned off in the admin panel. If it is things like cool/popular stuff, they can be turned off by just editing them out of the templates, and then changing the build_sort_order in the Setup.

3) The language options are held in a file called language.txt. You can modify these via an online editor in your LinksSQL admin panel. Its very simple to do. I have yet to find a foreign charachter that LinksSQL doesn't like :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Links SQL vs. In-Links In reply to
Thank you both for your input! I have now spent some serious time comparing all contestants and I am pretty much convinced that Links SQL is the way to go for us.

Heck, if it is good enough for Hotscripts....Wink