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Re: [cjswe] Links SQL vs. In-Links
Hi. I personally hate In-Link, ever since it came out it has caused me/my clients problems. My advice would be to stand well clear,and keep to a much better supported bit of software (like Links SQL Tongue)

I know Jack has already answered your post, but I thought I would just go into a bit more detail....and also provide a 3rd party opinion.

1) You can use page.php ... all tags can be used as if it was a basic PHP page. For example, in the template, you could use;

<? if ($USER) { echo "User: $USER"; } else { echo "Not logged in,...."; } ?>

2) Most features such as detailed pages, etc can be turned off in the admin panel. If it is things like cool/popular stuff, they can be turned off by just editing them out of the templates, and then changing the build_sort_order in the Setup.

3) The language options are held in a file called language.txt. You can modify these via an online editor in your LinksSQL admin panel. Its very simple to do. I have yet to find a foreign charachter that LinksSQL doesn't like :)


Andy (mod)
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