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Checking out features

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Checking out features
Smile I'm shopping for a new database and was steared to Gossamer for Links SQL. I am testing the features and interface to get a clearer picture of the benefits. If someone reads this who has experience with other programs, please respond! I currently am using a custom Cold Fusion / SQL. The technical specs are not my forte' so this shopping trip will be interesting!
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Hopefully, Alex, the Gossamer Threads Administrator, will move this post to the Links SQL Pre-Sales forum where this type of request should be posted...Smile

Anyway, some other Cold Fusion developers have been able to use LINKS SQL successfully, basically created .cfm files rather than .shtml or .html files out of the LINKS SQL build script.

You can use language specific codes in your template files that will correctly output the codes. Just a matter of specifying the "build extension" to be .cfm.

Then you can use CFML in your template files...
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