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line breaks, bold and italics in php?

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line breaks, bold and italics in php?

Many folks helped me out a while back in creating a global for the cgi front end, where I can add [ b] [ i] and the would be converted to their html equivalent. Also, the Detailed text would understand a line break and add a < br> after it.

Is there some equivalent of this sort of thing in the php front end? Would it be a code snippet placed somewhere? How would one do this?

Also, since I am using LSQL as a content tool, I made it so I can turn off this feature for any record. Used a handy if statement and then if I need to use html, I can, otherwise, my editors are free to use this other code. Works out really well.

How would I do something like this with the php front end?



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Evoir: Dec 6, 2002, 12:09 AM
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Re: [Evoir] line breaks, bold and italics in php? In reply to

How familiar are you with PHP in general? If you know how to do string manipulation in PHP, it's just a matter of putting the PHP code into the template. Remember, the template is a full PHP page.


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