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different category template

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different category template
is it possible to have use header.txt in different ways without having different categories too? i think this was better in Links2.0 (Flatfile). I have to use this, cuz i have different headers for all my categories, and they grow....and now i have to make all those templates for the category too....pls help

Thanks alot, Chris

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Re: different category template In reply to
Uh...Look at the Category table...there is a FIELD for different TEMPLATE files...use it!


Eliot Lee
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Re: different category template In reply to

Thanks Eliot, i know that and i used it...you misunderstood me...my fault, i have to describe the problem better....
so here i try again:

1. i want different headers for my categories
--> ok

2. i have to use header.txt for those different headers
--> with links 2.0 was that all...like i have this option
still in SQL (header and footer)

3. but if you work with templates you have to install
all those different templates for the categories too
and that i dont wanna...
in links you have <%header%> and it searches for the
config file....in SQL you have <%include header.txt%>
and thats specific so i have to make exactly one html
template for every category right?

all i want is to have this tag as variable, cuz i specify the header in the table with those header_blabla.txt file...

Thanks again


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Re: different category template In reply to
If you enter a file name for the <%header%> and <%footer%> fields in the category record, then _that_ file, in the /admin/headers and /admin/footers directories will be used for that category. This has been discussed many, many times :) It's been an official feature of Links SQL since somewhere in the 1.x series, and has been improved in the last 2 2.0x releases.

Search for headers and categories, or similar keys to find the discussions.

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