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different category templates ?

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different category templates ?

I just purchased Links-SQL and I have a question:

I have my Home-category and 3 different main-categories like Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
Each of these main-categories (and all of their subcategories) should have the same templates (different colors).
How do I setup category-templates ? Do I have to change (save under new file-name) the "category.html"-template ? How do I tell the system that if a user clicks on the Main-Category "Germany" that the specific template for this category has to be used ?

Thanks very much for your help,

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Re: [erichcyber] different category templates ? In reply to
If you go to admin->database->Category->modify and search for the Germany category, you can change the name of the category template. Then create a template with the same name by saving Category.html as the new name. Then you can change the template. You'll need to do this for each main category and then each subcategory will automatically use the same template.
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Re: [afinlr] different category templates ? In reply to
Thanks for your fast help !

it works great ! Smile