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Suggestion, if "Build Staggered" times out

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Suggestion, if "Build Staggered" times out
my LinkSQL "Build Staggered" times out as it takes 2-3 secs for per page build & cgi times out, so it builds about suppose 400 links & refreshes to next page & starts from 500th link... that means it misses out build between 400-500 links. I would have never noticed, accidentally checked one of the pages & found it wasn't updated & after starting 2-3 times that page never got updated... this may be happening to you too.

By default, Build Staggered builds 500 links per page, that means you should check your 495, 995, 1495th etc build page & see if that is upto date.

Solution, that I found (till you update linksql ver)
in nph-build.cgi
look for...
my $offset = $IN->param('o') || 500;

change it to...

my $offset = $IN->param('o') || 100(or whatever you want);

it should happens to you, if you run linksql on slow server
you are running lot of custom templets <% XXXX %> which requires lot of CPU to build the page.
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Re: [jasy007] Suggestion, if "Build Staggered" times out In reply to
I'd been trying to figure out why I was missing pages... think you've just solved the problem for me.