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Time to say good-bye

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Time to say good-bye
It was the year 2000, when i met the most wonderful and beloved software i ever has own in my life.
Dont laugh about me, i have tears in my eyes seeing so many years and solutions i have produced in around 18 years.

GL was a wordpress long time before people ever heard about blogs. GT was a shopping-system. GT-was a lot of sites where people, companies or products were shown. And only really less times GT was just an ordinary search engine. Instead of this some of these pages were not alone in the world, they were melted with vbuletin and later xenforo for example, so every link as a person, text, product, city, country had an own thread or sometimes an own subforum for more information and discussion.

I will miss it, and i am not shure, if really should delete the last used engine today, while almost all templates have a php-redirect made - shure how else - with globals that take the title or name or ID to redirect thousands of Google-Links to the new pages that still work with the IDs added by GT, some of them in 2005 and before.

Dear Alex, dear team around, thank you for making my life better so many times, thank you for all the love i had inside working with your engine that was the key or at least a part for almost everything i have produced for the web. Gossamer Threads Links SQL, you was a big part of my life, a big part of my youth and i regret no second to meet and love it.


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Robert: Feb 13, 2019, 10:17 AM
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Re: [Robert] Time to say good-bye In reply to
Hi Robert,

Sorry to see you leave touching and true words.
I started back around the same time as you and probably have a similar history with GT.

All the best

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Re: [el noe] Time to say good-bye In reply to

Sorry to see you go. I think I must have started around that time as well. I'm still going strong using GLinks on my own sites, and that of other customers. I love how flexible it is (just a bit of a pain sometimes with utf8 haha)



Andy (mod)
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Re: [Robert] Time to say good-bye In reply to
Sorry to see you leave. It was a good ride!

Good luck with your new projects!
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Hey Robert,
sorry to see you go Frown

Does anyone of you here, have some suggestions, how to export an gossamer communty and all the links to a wordpress installation?



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Matthias70: Feb 16, 2019, 9:34 AM
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Re: [Matthias70] Time to say good-bye In reply to
I will not leave this planet. :)

With UTF i had no problems finally (with you help as i remember).

To import LSQL to wordpress is no big story i think.
You should know your field at both sides, then fetch them and save them.
But before you should know which fields are needed at WP. Maybe it need something special?

My workflow:

1. Install wp
2. Make one new article
3. watch the tables and fields, understand them
4. Write down which field from lsql should be in which field from wp
5. solve problems, if wp needs whatever else
6. Write an importer, it is easy
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Re: [Robert] Time to say good-bye In reply to
BTW: If there is anything we should or could build together, let me know, please.
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Re: [Robert] Time to say good-bye In reply to
There are thousands of interesting projects for building websites to explore and i have tried some of them.

Finally i understand that almost everything is a copy of my beloved lsql.

Now i work again with lsql together with:

zurbs foundation
pages as .php instead .html

to produce static pages (with dynamic php-functions if needed).