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Links SQL Roadmap

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Links SQL Roadmap
Hello GT Staff,

Is there a 'roadmap' for links-SQL releases such as what Mozilla do?

I like to see planned time schedules for next release(s) of links SQL?

This is very useful for me.
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Re: [ericho] Links SQL Roadmap In reply to
Sorry, but we don't have a roadmap since we have quite a few different products and it makes it a lot harder to estimate how long things will take. We will try our best to give you time estimates on the things we're currently working on.

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Re: [brewt] Links SQL Roadmap In reply to
At least we should know which products you are actively working in a period.
I don't even await a strict schedule (as I know it isn't easy to estimate for a conplex product), just an 1-3 monthly announcement list, that you are currently working on of these products updates:
1) product one
2) product two

Best regards,

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