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Install help for links sql?

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Install help for links sql?

Im interested in buying the Links-SQL. The istallation process seems to me very easy but I must have the site up and running next week. There is no time to lose an I'm not very familiar with the installations from progs in php with mysql. Is there a links sql specialist? A friend told me for several weeks something from andy but I don't have an email address from him. Sure, I pay for the installation:

- Links SQL
- Newsletter
- ContactPage
- AdCycle

- Website Style at the end: http://www.escorts-4u.net (german :-))

Thanks for help,
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Re: [brunoe] Install help for links sql? In reply to
Well, you have a couple of options. If you buy the license via Gossamer Threads, you get a free installation from them. If you buy it through me, then you also get a free installation. Either way... whoever you buy it though, you get a free installation Smile


Andy (mod)
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