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HOWTOs, luna template set docs, and XHTML, CSS resources

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HOWTOs, luna template set docs, and XHTML, CSS resources
I've been compiling a list of links that will be useful for people using Gossamer Links. If you have any to add, let me know and I'll add them to the list.


Using File Columns

luna template set

Understanding the luna template set layout

More about the sidebars

Customising the paging toolbar

The luna template set globals

Overriding styles in CSS using luna.css

Colours used in the luna template set

Changing the luna template set to use faux columns

Classic style templates using CSS and the luna template set


HTML 4.01 specification

Deprecated elements in xhtml 1.0 (elements you can use, but shouldn't)

Changes in XHTML from HTML4

XHTML 1.0 specification (don't really need to read)

HTML validator


CSS1 specification

CSS2 specification (don't really need to read, since you can't use a fair chunk of it)

CSS validator

Decent tutorial (note it uses HTML4 syntax)

Tips and tricks (part 1)
Tips and tricks (part 2)

CSS crib sheet (some things to remember)

Explorer Exposed! (a list of some common ie rendering bugs and possible solutions)


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