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Feature: Grouping links?

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Feature: Grouping links?

I know I've come in with this a little late, but I just had the thought on my way to work whilst stuck in a traffic jam!

I've previously added paying links to supplement my revenue, but managing them can become a bit tricky when you've got a series of them in a wide variety of categories (specifically when they all come from the same source), and I also offer several 'levels' of priority for my listings.

The feature I'd thought about was a way of 'tagging' links with a Group Name, something similar to this (as a drop-down selection):

Group Name
Standard (default)
Top Site
Free Trial


This could be stored in a separate table so people can setup their own specific group names, and could also be used to help identify specific links in the category pages (similar to 'new' and 'pop').

This would allow you to select links based on their grouping, so if you know you need to modify/delete a link from a particular group you have the option of searching through only that group of links.

Maybe it'd only be useful for a handful of users, but since I'm not sure how complicated it would be to add such a feature I thought I'd suggest it all the same Smile

All the best

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Re: Feature: Grouping links? In reply to

Yes, this could be done quite easily as a plugin. The plugin would simply override the Links::Build::build_category function and group the links how you want.

I don't think it will make it be in the final version though.



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