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Dumb question, category loop

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Dumb question, category loop
Hi guys, sorry for making this dumb question as it might be probably css related anyway, I've been trying different things with no luck :p so I hope someone can pointme to the right direction (sometimes it happens when you see code and more code together :p)

I'll like to know why I'm missing my 2 columns here on my categories area, please check this link

Thanks again for looking, here its the code I'm using it:
<%if category_loop.length~%>
<%~set split = Links::Utils::column_split($category_loop.length, $category_cols)%>
<div class="clear-categorias">
<%loop category_loop%>
<%~set splitmod = $row_num % $split%>
<%~if row_num == 1 or splitmod == 1 or split == 1%><dl><%endif%>
<%~include subcategory.html%>
<%~if row_num == $category_loop.length or splitmod == 0%></dl><%endif%>

and my globals are fine (2 columns)
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Re: [Jesus] Dumb question, category loop In reply to
Sorry guys, I figured out. As always happens when you saw a lot of code together, I was missing an id :p

Thanks anyway.