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DMOZ Cuts round 2

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DMOZ Cuts round 2
The first cuts from the 05/25 dump were pretty successful, from my point of view.

If there is still as much interest, it would be worth it to freshen them up, and cut up the first dump for July (whatever date they do it on).

The smaller sizes seem to import more easily, and work better for most people trying to just get one section of the directory. I've successufully imported them into new installs of Links on several systems, without a problem, and apparently so have a lot of others. Telnet is required to run the nph-import.cgi script in 'rdf' mode. I send you a small script to download the files to your server (if you have LWP) and also a template for importing it into your directory.

The cuts will be the same, each toplevel category in its own file, except for Games/Health/Home and Kids/Teens which packaged together.

The available cuts and approximate size is listed below.

"cut" Approx Meg.
Adult_Content.rdf.txt.gz 3
Arts_Content.rdf.txt.gz 15
Business_Content.rdf.txt.gz 11
Computers_Content.rdf.txt.gz 7
Games_Health_Home_Content.rdf. 8
Kids_Teens_Content.rdf.txt.gz 1
Netscape_Content.rdf.txt.gz 1
News__Content.rdf.txt.gz 3
Recreation_Content.rdf.txt.gz 6
Reference_Content.rdf.txt.gz 3
Regional_Content.rdf.txt.gz 43
Science_Content.rdf.txt.gz 5
Shopping_Content.rdf.txt.gz 6
Society_Content.rdf.txt.gz 11
Sports_Content.rdf.txt.gz 4
Costs would be the same, $5 for the big cuts, or 2 or 3 of the smaller ones, via PayPal.

If anyone interested would drop me an email, or private message, or better yet, pin in an order, I'll be able to judge the interest. The current cuts are only 30 days old, but if there is enough interest I'll make new ones.

Installation is available.

I've added a DMOZ option to the plugins shopping area on my site, to make it easier.

As always, send an email if you have any questions.

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.