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Adding a custom Form Type

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Adding a custom Form Type

I'm trying to add a custom form type in the 'add link' page to popup a map like this:

How can I manage to insert a new Form type ?
Or is there another solution?
I've inserted the code in the add template and it works. but not in the admin.


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mitia_notaras: May 28, 2002, 10:04 AM
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Re: [mitia_notaras] Adding a custom Form Type In reply to
Its pretty easy really. There are loads of posts on it, but here is the general idea;

1) Add a column vis Database > Links (drop down) > Properties (drop down).

Once you click on that you will be given a link at the bottom of the page saying 'Add Column'. Click that and it will let you add a new column to the database.

The rest of it is really superficial (i.e template modifications etc), but like I said, I'm just giving you an idea Wink

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Adding a custom Form Type In reply to
Thanks andy, you're really fast.

Did you visit the above link?

Standard Form types only allow
<select name=form_type>
<option value="HIDDEN">HIDDEN</option>
<option value="SELECT">SELECT</option>
<option value="MULTIPLE">MULTI-SELECT</option>
<option value="CHECKBOX">CHECKBOX</option>
<option value="RADIO">RADIO</option>
<option selected value="TEXT">TEXT</option>
<option value="TEXTAREA">TEXTAREA</option>
<option value="FILE">FILE</option>

What I need is a select box with a go button and a custom javascript to drive it.