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global request? subcategory siblings?

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global request? subcategory siblings?
What I'm looking for is a global that will do what the <%category%> tag does on the category.html template, but for the subcategories.


catgegory A
sub-cat 1
sub-cat 2
sub-cat 3
sub-cat 4

Currently, when you are actually in category A, you get to see links for all the subcats within category A (sub-cat 1, sub-cat 2, sub-cat 3, sub-cat 4)

1) I'd like to be able to show all the related (siblings?) subcats when in a subcat. So, If I were in sub-cat B I would still have links to all the other subcats. (sub-cat 1, sub-cat 2, sub-cat 3, sub-cat 4)

2) If it will work on the detailed page, that would be super cool, too.

4) What we'd want to show is the equivalent of <%category_short%> (Just the last part of the category name) Although I understand it would be a global and it would use <%globalname%> convention. Does this make sense?

Does anyone know of an existing global that does this?

I want it to do the same thing as GT page here:
See how you are showing the category links on the left within a subcat?
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Re: [Evoir] global request? subcategory siblings? In reply to
nothing? Frown

(I found out the the GT page I mentioned above is not LSQL, rather it is hand coded.)

There is one way I can accomplish this, which is to create "include" files for each subcategory, but I would rather not do that by hand.

subcategory siblings, anyone?

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Evoir: Oct 21, 2002, 7:55 PM