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Typo in GT/SQL/Editor.html docs

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Typo in GT/SQL/Editor.html docs
Seems there is a typo in GT/SQL/Editor.html docs.

This method allows you to add a column to the current table. All attributes for the column are
passed in a single hash.
$editor->add_col ($col_name,
size => 20,
type => 'int',
view_size => 20,
nice_name => "my col",
regex => 'myregex'
I saw the "nice_name" key in the example above. I checked in the codes, but it seems it's not used.
I think that "nice_name" is the same as "form_display" we currently use.

As in GT::SQL::Creator.pm the code contains the following:
# $obj->form_display ($nice_name);
# ------------------------
# Sets the name of the table as it is displayed
# using the Display module.
So after that, I'm almost sure it's a typo.

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