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First in results based on keywords

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First in results based on keywords

I'm French and new to Links SQL.
I'd like to know if there is a plug-in (maybe the script does it itself !) to have certain websites showing up first (or in a 'special' category) based on the keywords entered by a user.

I would not like to make people pay for this... It's just to make sure my own websites are showing first !!

Maybe there can be a 'random' website showing first also...
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Re: [Chewda] First in results based on keywords In reply to

You could also get the same result by creating a 'Priority' menu for all of the links which you could set from 1-5. Default all of the links to have a Priority of 1, and set yours to anything higher - then make Priority one of the sort fields.

I'm doing the same thing on my site.