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Hi Yogi!

I am running LinksSQL 2.1.2 on http://ranchlinks.com/ with PageBuilder 1.0.5. I would like to use PageBuilder to build http://www.ranchlinks.com/...pplements/index.html on different URL. I can get it to build a Simple Page there but when I try to build Category and Links pages I get the standard error:

Building category pages:

Category2 (Unable to build link page}.
Filename should contain one of the following tags: and/or
Directory should contain one of the following tags: ,

Can you give me a quick lesson on how to modify my PageBuilder Page Records to get them to work?

Some info about the Category I want to use:

ID 23
Name Hay, Feeds, Minerals, Supplements
Subcategory of Root
Meta Description

Or do I need to modify the tags in my templates? Or both?

Thanks Crazy
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Re: [macong] PageBuilder In reply to
What is the value of 'Build Directory' and 'Build Filename' for this pagebuilder page?

You could do something like:

Build Directory: test
Build Filename: <%ID%>.html

This will build a page for every link in the 'test' directory, and the filenames will be 12345.html (12345 is the link ID).

Does that make sense?

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