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Adcycle - stubborn exchange code

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Adcycle - stubborn exchange code
Hello Forum:

I've gotten CommissionJunction and LinkExchange Banners to work at my site (http://www.indylinks.com/). But I can't figure out how to get the exchange service below to work.

Should it be a gif ad or an HTML ad?
If HTML - do I need to make a gif ad with HTML default checked?
I'm using the IFRAME Cache-bust Code [Rich Media Enabled] adcodes.

<!-- Begin The IndyXchange Code -->
<BR><P><CENTER><A HREF="http://www.indyxchange.com/" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://www.indyxchange.com/logo.gif" WIDTH=40 HEIGHT=60 ALT="The IndyXchange" BORDER=0></A><IFRAME SRC="http://www.indyxchange.com/cgibin/ads_1.pl?iframe;member=aprillougheed" MARGINWIDTH=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 HSPACE=0 VSPACE=0 FRAMEBORDER=0 SCROLLING=NO WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60><A HREF="http://www.indyxchange.com/cgibin/ads_1.pl?member=aprillougheed;banner=NonSSI;page=01" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://www.indyxchange.com/cgibin/ads_1.pl?member=aprillougheed;page=01" WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60 ALT="The IndyXchange" BORDER=0></A></IFRAME></CENTER>
<BR><!-- End The IndyXchange Code -->

Sure hope somebody can help.

Best regards, April

A. Lougheed
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Re: [aprillougheed] Adcycle - stubborn exchange code In reply to
I wouild make it a rich media one, cos you have the text on it saying what banner excahnge it is part of. Unless you wanna get rid of that part, and then use http://www.indyxchange.com/cgibin/ads_1.pl?member=aprillougheed;banner=NonSSI;page=01 as the URL, and for the URL use http://www.indyxchange.com/cgibin/ads_1.pl?member=aprillougheed;page=01.

Hopefully that will work Wink

Andy (mod)
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Re: [AndyNewby] Adcycle - stubborn exchange code In reply to
Dear Andy:

Thanks so much for your help.

I had tried that using just a gif ad.

So . . . Maybe it is something pecurliar to that Exchange's code.

I've got an e-mail into the Exchange owner for help.

Thanks again,

A. Lougheed