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Adcycle - Targeted keywords

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Adcycle - Targeted keywords
I've tried to follow the directions to allow me to display search banner results but I keep getting no banners on the search results page.

Please advise. What am I missing/doing wrong?
These are the directions supplied:

Displaying Search Result Banners
To be able to have ceartain banners show up when users search for specific keywords you need to:
1. In Adcycle, create a group in Adcycle called SearchTargeted
2. In Adcycle, edit the campaign you want to be targeted and under Other Targeting, click on Add/Modify Criteria. From here you can add the keywords you want associated.
3. In Adcycle, click on Groups and select the SearchTargeted group you just made and make sure the campaign is selected.
4. In Links SQL enter:
in your search_results.html template.


Mark G.