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imple questions from phpbb user

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imple questions from phpbb user
Hello all,
i am using phpbb, but there are some things i dont like there.

Now my questions about g forum

-is the update the same easiliy way like links sql - online without changing files`?
because phpbb s updates make me ill cause i have some mod s installed...
-Is there a running import AND will the passwords still work if i would change fromphpbb`?
-phpbb seems to be the first test for all script kiddies. I don t know an other open source is used from more spammers. What s about the security , what kind of registration... is there an image with numbers to prvent the massive spam attacks like you get if using phpbb ?
-Are the templates with or without tables?
-Is there already a full working image upload integrated,
this i ask because we have the jear 2006 now, and i have an add-on for links sql for the image upload, but since years cms systems, shops and many of software used to public something have it...
For a forum i think its a must. ) I know phpbb hasn t it - only as a mod...)
----ok i just tested it works...

Thank you very much in advantage
and best regards from thailand

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Re: [manne] imple questions from phpbb user In reply to
I didn't see anyone answer this, but the questions are good ones.

I've used a bunch of other BBS's, perl and PHP, and while I'm not a fan of PHP, it is, as you say, what most cgi/scripters are cutting their teeth on. PHP has a lot of issues, the one I'm most at odds with is it was originally designed to get around server security, by running scripts _OUTSIDE_ the protected cgi-bin. It still does... and that bothers me greatly. mod_php is somewhat faster than interpreted PERL, but mod_perl erases most if not all of those issues. When comparing two beasts, make sure you are comparing the same things (sort of like M$ using a highly optimized windows PC against "out of the box" Linux in speed comparasons). I read about a dozen different viewpoints on the PHP vs PERL debate last week, and pretty much it's what you want to do, which is better.

GForum is very solid, just look at the history of the bug reports and security fixes ... not many. Despite years of use, it's only up to version 1.2.4, and the major-minor upgrade (1.2) was to add payment features, and the 1.2.3-1.2.4 was to bring the "core" libraries up to sync with the other GT programs like GL3 and GMail. Not real 'changes' as most other boards have had to go through. Some boards are in version 5 or 6, in only a matter of months... maybe they should have planned the "core" features out better.

The "core" of GForum is the same "core" modules that are running most of the other programs, the GT::SQL and GT::Template engines. It has it's own application layer on top of that. (It would be really cool if GT was able to build an API that included security, and cookies/sessions/etc so that all the programs shared a truly common structure.) As it is, the same "logic" used for Input/Output is the same across all their programs, so if you learn how to modify one programs templates, the same "skills" carry across. If you can write globals for one program, you can write them for the others (program specifics aside). This gives a unified look/feel to not only the public interfaces, but also the underlying code base.

Updates are not quite like Links SQL, as there has not been the need for a lot of updates :) I'm sure the auto-updater will be built in to the next version, as that seems to be the way to go, *BUT* *YES* you use plugins to update, change, modify, or enhance the code, so you do not have rewrite or re-modify your code every time.

All the GT programs include the plugin system, again, it works very similar across programs (same core modules). So, while the database fields and data may be different in the programs, HOW you add/modify/change/work-with it is not.

Like anything, you will need to manually make updates to your templates, if the changes are important, but since everyone alters their templates, there is no way for GT to do that in an automated way.

The templates are formatted with tables, but the migration to CSS should simplify that greatly. GF2 is on the horizon... how far away, no one knows ;) GT has made the effort to switch to CSS, and the template parser has been greatly upgraded to handle it. In many ways, the GT::Template parser is as powerful as PHP, allowing you to write whole scripts in your templates (through included subs) and altering major program functionaltiy with template tags. It's cleaner, easier to follow, and plays by the same rules of PERL and structured programming we have all gotten used to. It's all OOP (or about 90%+ OOP).

There is an integrated FILE upload system, for both images and documents, and you have the option of uploading the images -inline- as you should be able to see by lookng at the bottom of the message input box. :)

More than probably you wanted to know, but maybe someone else will be interested.

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