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hehe come of each

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hehe come of each
up in the discussion board I post about html problems ... so no double-post

hmmm ... some of these options look familiar ... was it vBulletin? hmmm ... has anybody every heard of phpBB, yeah I know it's php but their script is also free. www.phpbb.com

suggestion. for those of us who help/try to help out having a way to see which thread has moved would be nice. sure the category section has number of new post but have a more distinct way of telling would be nice. Recently I come by 3-4 times a day and this would be nice rather than looking at times. yean, yeah, the link is colored but unless I set my browser to remember 0 - zero links is also not a good method either.

1 last thing. dang signature is the first thing in the comment box ... errr ... is this my setting or a board thing. Maybe, a check box would be better.

good luck, really looking forward to watch this baby grow.

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile