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change password is not working

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change password is not working
After the upgrade 1.1.8 to 1.2.0 my users cant change the password in their preferences. The form works fine, but after change the password, they cant log with the new, so they need use the old password to login.

Also, the link "login as this user" let me log as the user, and i can see all the user options. But when i try open another link on the forum i apear as "guest" user.

I touch the templates, but i dont apply the diff, where i can see (and guess) the payment feature, becasuse i don want use it. May be i need activate all the diff instances to solve this trouble ?

Please help me to solve this problem Pirate

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Re: [webconferencia] change password is not working In reply to
No, the password problem wasn't because of templates - it was because of a change when I was working much too late into the night Blush. Replace GForum/User.pm with the attached - note that this also prevents people from changing their username or email address as well. Frown

The "login as this user" function sets and users a parameter-based session - all of the links for the various links in gforum should look like:


As long as you include the "session=..." part on any new windows, you should be able to browse the forum without any problem. This session=... is exactly the same thing you get when logging in without cookies.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] change password is not working In reply to
FIXED !!!!!!!!!

Thanx Jason !!!!!!!

and I take advantage of the opportunity to congratulate you for your excellent work!