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any talk of luna templates for gforums?

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any talk of luna templates for gforums?
has any one talked about creating a css template set for gforums... I love the gforum software, my only complaint is that some users more then we really think are still on good old 56k.... so I've been trying to work on making my templates a bit lighter.... trying mod_gzip, which not sure if that really works at all....

but I've just now started to look into some form of css layout on the forums.... I think the lighter and faster our forums become the more visitors and page views we could receive...

well that is if it is possible.... due to the nature of the forum

any ideas?
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Re: [carminejg3] any talk of luna templates for gforums? In reply to
GT has said it is working on GF 2.0 which will utilize the luna templating system similar to Gossamer Links 3.0 and now Gossamer Mail. We have been told that GF is next on the slate.

This is not an invitation to those who wish to rant about the wait for GF 2.0...that is well documented iin other threads.