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Two problems

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Two problems
(Note: Taken from a support e-mail received - I'm posting this here in case anyone else has the same problem)

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> Hi,
> I found two bugs in my forum and it will be really appreciated if
> you can repair them or tell me how I can do it.
> 1- The "Number
> of results per page" in Search posts do not work correctly in my
> forum. I thought first that it was a simple error in my personnal
> templates, but when I use the original templates
> (include_search_form.html and search_results.html), the error still
> there.
> Example of the error:
> In my forum, when I make a search
> for "asdf" with "number of results per page" set to 2, I get 48
> results in 24 pages, but the first page has 25 results, the second
> one 23, and all the others have no results (empty pages).
> ------
> 2- Bug "with"
> private message editor
> How to reproduce this bug
> a) Take a old
> private message. b) Click on "Reply" button. c) Click on "Switch to
> Basic Editor" button. Then the error will appear as "An error
> occurred: The message you attempted to access does not exist".
> Thank you very much!
> Forgive me for my poor
> english.
> François Boucher

The search problem is a library bug that only allows you to choose search hits of 10, 25, 50, or 100. The behaviour certainly should not be like this - the first attachment (Search.pm) should replace admin/GT/SQL/Search/NONINDEXED/Search.pm. This doesn't affect people who are using an indexed search for the Post table.

As for private messages, there are a couple of bugs present - the reason you are getting the error is a template problem. If you search the template for "Switch to Basic Editor", you will find an <input type="submit" ...> with a value of "Switch to Basic Editor". The name of the submit button should have the following added to the end (Note: If you prefer, you can just use the attached template):



The other problem that I found was that the message writing screen using the basic editor does not have a button to switch to the advanced editor. This fix for this is to add the following, after the quote, b, u, i, etc. buttons:


<%if is_ie and ie_version >= 5.5%>


<input type="submit" class="button" name="do=<%this_do%>;advanced_editor=1;advanced_editor_switch=1;message=<%parent_msg_id%>" value="Switch to Advanced Editor">

I've also attached the fixed include_message_common_write.html and include_message_html_common_write.html (whew, that's a long filename) to this post. They should replace the templates of the same name in your admin/templates/default directory.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [jagerman] Two problems In reply to
Thank you very much, Jason, for your answer! Smile

May I know what is the difference between indexed search and non indexed search? Is it a option in the admin panel?

Thank you.

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Re: [Franco] Two problems In reply to

Yes, it's an option in Tools->Post->Search Index at the bottom. This controls which style of seraching you want to do, Indexed, Nonindexed (default), Mysql and MS SQL.


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Re: [Alex] Two problems In reply to

May I just know what are the differences (advantages, disadvantages) between nonindexed and indexed searching? When it's better to use nonindexed, when it's better to use indexed search...?

Thank you very much! Smile

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Re: [jagerman] Two problems In reply to

There still a error in the new templates for private messages. I noticed that it's not possible to upload attachment when we reply to a private message. A error appears each time:

"Home: An error occurred

The message you attempted to access does not exist"

Thank you.